A search for answers to the UFO phenomenon and beyond. With audio docs, witness testimony, and special guest interviews, every episode brings us closer to tackling those mysteries that lay somewhere in the skies.



Stories from Somewhere in the Skies

Since 2017, the award-winning Somewhere in the Skies podcast has been a place for people, in all walks of life, to tell their personal UFO stories. How have these sightings and encounters changed those who experienced them? In this first volume of Stories from Somewhere in the Skies, Ryan Sprague takes us on a fascinating journey through these life-altering experiences of those who stared into the skies and had something extraordinary stare back.

somewhere in the skies: a human approach to the ufo phenomenon

The updated and expanded edition of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES: A HUMAN APPROACH TO THE UFO PHENOMENON  is available now! 

Case Files

SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES: CASE FILES  is a video series focusing on some of Ryan’s favorite UFO cases throughout the years. In ten minutes or less, he runs us through some of the strangest cases ever reported. Backed up by historical documentation, witness testimony, and input from prominent researchers and investigators, this series shines light on the lesser-known cases that continue to elude us somewhere in the skies. 


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